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Raw Cultured Vegetables

Rejuvenative Foods is this countries original raw cultiured vegetable supplier; since 1980.

In fact our founder coined the term “raw cultured vegetables” in the 80s.

Rejuvenative Foods

Six Delicious Ways to Enjoy Raw Organic Cultured Vegetables, Nature's functional food: Raw Organic Kim-Chi, Raw Organic Salsa, Raw Organic Sauerkraut. Also try our famous Vegi-Delite Live Zing Salad and our Live Raw Cultured Ketchup, made from fresh, raw organic vegetables, as well as our Raw Organic Pickles.

For those who want no salt; we uniquely offer four salt-free varieties :

Organic Raw Salt-Free Garden Kim-Chi

  Organic Raw Sea Vegetable Garden Kim-Chi

   Raw Organic Salt-Free Cabbage & Dill Sauerkraut, which also has a minced texture

   Vegi-Delite Live Zing Salad, which also has a minced texture

Several other Rejuvenative Foods Raw Organic Cultured Vegetables have a unique minced (kind of like applesauce) texture, including Sea-Salted Sauerkraut, which is ground to the texture of applesauce, and our three unique Raw Cultured Organic Salsas

Organic Fresh Cultured Live Salsa Red (Hot) 

Organic Fresh Cultured Live Golden Salsa (Medium) 

Organic Fresh Cultured Live Salsa Green (Mild) 


Or create your own Recipe:

Custom Made Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables




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