Raw Organic Pickles

These unique, Organic Live Cultured Pickles are a tasty and easy way to add a probiotic punch to a meal or snack. Fresh dill and whole cloves of garlic lend wonderful flavor to these pickles. After imparting their flavor to the cucumbers during the culturing process, the pickled garlic cloves become mild enough to be enjoyed whole, or to give some pizzazz to other dishes. These fantastic, Organic Dill, Caraway and Garlic Live Pickles are an easy way to get your probiotics!

Rejuvenative Foods raw, freshly-made pickles are unheated and free of added vinegar. Eat these to experience why live cultured pickles and other cultured vegetables have long been known around the world to be invigorating foods. Each jar is handcrafted ensuring the most delicious, nutritionally dense organic pickles. Enjoy them by themselves or add to sandwiches! They are a great addition to wraps and dips.