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Rejuvenative Foods is the longest standing raw food company in the United States.
Buy raw, organic food through our online organic food store.

  • Fresh Raw Live Pickles
  • Choose from over 50 flavorful foods! Raw cultured vegetables, raw nut and seed butters, raw unrefined oils, raw dessert butters, raw chocolate
  • Arnica Botanical Oils - freshly wildcrafted, raw and organic
  • Fresh, stone-ground, raw or roasted chocolate and vanilla, quality sweetened or unsweetened in glass jars
Gift Certificates are a great gift idea any time - click here to orderAll orders over $150 receive a $9.95 discount!
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Live Pickles
Raw organic Ultimate Kraut sauerkraut with boost of nutrition from vitamin-rich organic vegetables
Ultimate Kraut
Golden Salsa
Golden Salsa
  Organic Fresh Raw Tahini
Spicy Kim-Chi
Spicy Kim-Chi
Wild Almond Butter
Almond Butter
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Raw Organic Cultured Vegetables including raw organic sauerkraut, raw organic kim-chi, and raw organic salsa, provide an excellent self-rejuvenating source of non-dairy lactobacilli, important for the maintenance of healthy intestinal flora and the alleviation of digestive disorders.

Organic, refrigerated and low-temp ground, our fresh and delicious raw organic nut butters retain life energy, vitamins and minerals. Try our organic almond butter, organic tahini, or one of our other 20 organic nut butters.

How to get your local store to carry the Rejuvenative Foods flavors you want

Rejuvenative Foods Product Information Sheet

1. Order Rejuvenative Foods into your local natural foods store with our Turnover Order Form and we'll take it from there.

2. You can take it one step further and bring our Rejuvenative Foods Info Sheet (black and white PDF or color PDF) into your local store and let them know about the flavors you like.

Organic Health Food Resources

Visit our health information resource page to learn more about organic health food, vegan diet raw food detox, raw food diet, raw cultured vegetables, and other natural food topics.