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Dessert Butters

Get your healthy fats with these five scrumptious sweet and rich, all-organic dessert nut butters; made to satisfy your sweet cravings with delicious nutrition and health! Each unique flavor features raw nuts and/or seeds, ground at a low temperature more than three times so the nuts and seeds remain raw, then we sweeten with either honey, dried fruit, or both. Our raw nut and seed butters are packaged fresh and refrigerated to ensure you get the freshest, most nutritionally sound fresh raw sweet nut butter possible.

Warm cinnamon and nutmeg seamlessly blend with other delightful ingredients to create complex yet harmonious flavors in the spoonable Ambrosia and Pecan Pie Butter. Our Ambrosia super-food is packed with eight different nuts and seeds mixed with honey, coconut, raisins, cinnamon, and nutmeg for a sweet and rich flavor. Creamy and spreadable, the Sweet Mulberry Treegan Butter is a unique and indulgent mixed nut butter with whole dried mulberries. Our Sesame Halvah, and Hemp/Sesame Hempini Halvah both feature honey that is raw as well as organic. Pure and nutritious candy in a jar. The delicious ground nut and seed morsels in these dessert nut butters soak in their own oil becoming more digestible and nutrient assimilable.

Dessert Butters do not require insulated shipping.