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Chocolate Spreads

Indulgent and delicious, our chocolates will make you forget they’re health food! We start with antioxidant packed organic cocoa nibs stone ground in our kitchen.

All of the ingredients in our Chocolates are organic with the exception of top-quality birch-tree Xylitol in our Xylitol-sweetened chocolates. All gluten-free, GMO-free and dairy-free. All of our chocolate spreads are made by slowly stone-grinding small batches of Peruvian cocoa beans and nibs for 30 hours, which creates a smooth, fine-particle, fresh chocolate.

Currently One chocolate is available :

Below is the rest of our line of chocolates, yet tp be made available again:

Our two unsweetened options, feature just that one chocolate ingredient. Much like baking chocolate, you could add your own sweetener, or use the unsweetened chocolates in a recipe like smoothies, mole sauce, or desserts.

You get the best value with our 9 oz sesame sunflower honey or xylitol chocolates as brazil nuts are expensive. The sesame sunflower chocolates have twice as much (9 ounces instead of 4 1/2 ounces ) and they cost less than 4.5 ounce Brazil Nut Chocolate.

Our spoonable when warm, Brazil Nut Chocolate Dream flavors all combine the organic stone-ground cocoa nibs with our selenium rich (thyroid nourishing), raw Organic Brazil Nut Butter. They are then completed with one of three options for sweetener: honey, yacon or xylitol.

We offer 2 honey sweetened Brazil Nut Chocolate Dream flavors:

We offer 1 yacon sweetened Brazil Nut Chocolate Dream flavor:

We offer 3 xylitol sweetened Brazil Nut Chocolate Dream flavors: