Ginkgo Green Leaf Tea

Both of our raw organic Ginkgo Green Teas deliver unparalleled health benefits for mind and body.

This is a pint size jar with enough tea-bag-free, dry loose-leaf tea to make a gallon or more of ultimate, delicious, life enhancing Ginkgo Green Caffeine Tea.

These loose leaf, organic Gingko Green Teas provide a tangible mental and physical energy boost! With a complex and curiously bold yet delicate aroma and flavor of gingko, calendula, chamomile and lavender. Drinking these teas is like getting a warm hug and a pick me up at the same time.


Organic Ginkgo Green Caffeine Tea balances the stimulating effects of caffeine with naturally calming chamomile and lavender. After extensive experimentation, we’ve chosen quality whole-leaf organic gunpowder green tea for these benefits:

  • Pure, strong caffeine energy

  • Rich, full flavor and aroma

  • A special benefit of gunpowder green tea is: it is whole dried green tea leaves that (instead of Drying flat and then breaking up into green tea granules, flakes or powder) bundle up into themselves; so each individual small tea leaf is it’s own little strong bundle of 1 tea leaf; staying whole and self-comprised thru drying, so to retain and impart green tea energy for our well being.


This tea offers a natural caffeine boost as chamomile and lavender work their calming effects. We use only the finest whole-leafed, organic, gunpowder green tea in our blend because it offers the appealing combination of pure, strong caffeine energy and rich, full flavor. Additionally, research shows that green tea can help lower cholesterol and improve the body’s ability to burn fat. For further benefits, we added ginkgo, which is known to enhance blood flow and possibly improve memory function.


Benefits of Organic Ginkgo Green Tea

  • Caffeine for enhanced mental alertness

  • Enhanced blood-flow from ginkgo

  • Possible memory improvement and cognitive function support

  • Aids digestion

  • Chamomile & Calendula may have anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and antibacterial properties

Our Organic Ginkgo Green Tea with Osha & Raw Vanilla is a special blend that includes osha root, which many Native Americans use medicinally, and a whole premium raw organic vanilla bean, an antioxidant. (Vanilla price has skyrocketed making 1 vanilla bean cost us over 5.00)

Benefits of Organic Ginkgo Green Tea with Osha and Raw Vanilla

Our Organic Vanilla Osha Ginkgo Green Tea offers the following potential benefits:

· Enhanced mental alertness

· Enhanced blood-flow & cardiovascular function

· Possible memory improvement

· Support cognitive function, including patients with Alzheimer's disease

· Antiviral, antibacterial, and decongestion properties

· Digestive improvement and support

· Nutrients Include Vitamins-A,B6,folates,niacin,,riboflavin & thiamin

· More nutrients: Minerals-calcium,copper,iron,magnesium,manganese, manganese,phosphorus,potassium and zinc

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