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Custom Made Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables: 16 Lbs in 4 glass jars: Your recipe, if over 9 ingredients, price is $595; Call 831-291-4008 to order; Fresh Live Rejuvenative Foods Probiotic Pure (free insulation with ice-packs)

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Benefits of Rejuvenative Foods Custom Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables

Our Custom Order Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables are made from fresh, unheated organic vegetables of your choice which are put into stainless steel containers and left to culture for five to seven days. No water or vinegar is added. Our Order Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables are high-fiber, fat free, and one of the richest sources of lactobacilli and enzymes available.

Rejuvenative Foods Custom Order Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables

  •     Choose your favorite ingredients to design the flavor of your choice or add new ingredients to one of your favorite Rejuvenative Foods
  •     A rich source of lactobacilli and probiotic enzymes
  •     Completely raw and organic
  •     Salt-Free or with sea salt, either Celtic Sea Salt® or Pink Himalayan
  •     Packed with vitamins and minerals
  •     Naturally gluten-free
  •     Artisan
  •     Ayurvedic
  •     Does not contain any animal by-products making it suitable for vegans

Raw Cultured Vegetables are perishable and best stored in the refrigerator to preserve the active enzymes. Our Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables exemplify the most healthful options that are known regarding cultured foods. Superior quality!  All Rejuvenative Foods are fresh and pure. Please enjoy within 6 months for best flavor.

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