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This is a blog by Rejuvenative Foods creator, with ideas for eating and mixing, while discussing flavors, textures and colors of Rejuvenative Foods.

Recently we found ourselves photographing spoons with Rejuvenative Foods on them and then tasting and comparing about 30 of the 59 Rejuvenative Foods. (we have 17 flavors of unsweetened raw nut butters, 5 sweetened raw nut butters, 6 fresh low-temp processed edible oils, 8 sweetened fresh stoneground chocolate, 2 unsweetened fresh stoneground chocolate, 19 raw cultured vegetables, and 2 loose leaf dry teas).

This sent me on a path of conveying via this blog some of the fun, delicious and surprising experiences from comparing and mixing the different flavors textures and colors we offer. This has inspired new respect for the varying array of Rejuvenative Foods flavors, textures and colors that enhance culinary experiences and that are worthy of raw and cooked chef’s appreciation.

Feel free to tell us (or send photos or short videos) so this blog’s readers may benefit from your Rejuvenative Foods meals and experiences.

It’s also fun to consider the color combination options consisting of most colors of the rainbow.

We love rainbows as we realize we are missing blue; (even though Vegi-Delite is almost purple) so if anyone has any ideas for a blue Rejuvenative Food, we may create a rainbow of colors with Rejuvenative Foods.  Now we offer most of the rainbow with an array of shades of yellow, red, green, orange, brown, beige and black (Black Sesame Tahini) Rejuvenative Foods.

Are there limitations to mixing Rejuvenative Foods?

I love the multiple taste sensations mixing offers. This enhances with varying tastes, textures and colors.

Next are some notes about consuming Rejuvenative Foods (what this blog is about):

Color summation of our unsweetened raw nut butters: 3 are green, 5 brown, 3 beige, 1 black and 1 grey.

Green Nut Butters
When comparing our three green butters, pistachio leaves the least aftertaste and is the sweetest and the Hempini and pumpkin are surprisingly similar with the Hempini having more of a vegetable tasting overtone and both the Hempini and pumpkin leave stronger after-tastes unless mixed with other foods.

Brown Nut Butters
When comparing our 6 brown Raw Nut Butters the strongest (including the strongest aftertaste) are the pecan and hazelnut. The wild Almond is is medium in power with an Amaretto overtone and aftertaste; next is Luscious Seed and Nut Spread and then there’s sweet and creamy Organic Almond  Butter and Chunky Almond Butter.

Beige Nut Butters
When comparing our 3 beige Raw Nut Butters; the sweetest with it’s unique less oily yet more creamy texture is our Cashew Butter. Then there’s the mildly bitter and beautifully creamy Tahini, as compared to the ultra oily and even more mild, Brazil Nut Butter. When refrigerated our Brazil Nut Butter has an exciting buttery like dimension to it.  The oil hardens a little bit so that you can slice it with a spoon or knife like butter. Then as it warms up a little bit, it starts to melt and ooze, the texture changes and we have an interesting meal garnishment that can go on plates when cold and then as it warms, texture and flavors change for exciting culinary enhancement. (especially if you get warm and cold Brazil Nut Butter in the same bite). Our Brazil Nut Butter seems to be our only nut butter that has a unique and special deliciousness when cold. All of our other Raw Nut Butters seem to have more flavor when warmed by room temperature or sun heat. These are supplied refrigerated so that we can maintain nutritional value and life energy from the raw nuts and seeds. We realize it’s fine if these unrefrigerated for some days and flavor is enhanced as these are allowed to warm.

Sweet Nut Butters
When we compare our 5 sweet raw nut butters; it’s easy to notice the extra sweetness from honey enhancing the many different flavors and spices of Ambrosia. With each bite, new flavor sensations include: coconut, nutmeg,  cinnamon and chunky whole pieces of nuts mixed into creamy nut butter. ( Our Ambrosia loses its creaminess and most of its oiliness as we mix in powdery nutmeg, cinnamon and chunky whole pieces of nuts). Our Pecan Pie in-a-jar (only sweetened with raw organic dates) has a less sweet sensation of pecan pie. Our Sweet Mulberry Treegan Butter has an ultimate natural and sugar-free joy of sweet; solely from organic dried mulberries.  BTW, If you eat sugar, these sweet nut butters may be unlikely to fulfill your sugar cravings although if you are caring to wean free of sugar; these healthfully fresh-pure sweetened raw low-temp-nut butters may be helpful.

Freshly Stone Ground Raw and Roasted Chocolates in-a-jar
As we compare our Freshly Stone Ground Raw and Roasted Chocolates in-a-jar; we realize our Yacon chocolate holds its temper the best (this means keeps a smooth sheen as the molecular structure stays more stable during transit and temperature changes). When comparing our chocolates without the salt vanilla and almonds to our Roasted Almond Chocolate, the flavors of salt, vanilla and almonds burst into our taste buds while the honey sweetened is simply delicious, pure, plain, sweet and simple fresh-pure chocolate. Of all of our chocolates the Xylitol Sweetened is most like sugar sweetened. It’s grainy like traditional Mexican chocolate so cravings for sugar may be fulfilled with Xylitol more than our other chocolates. After our taste-buds become unspoiled by the super-sweetness of sugar we may be fullfilled by less sweet and more natural sweet that is common in nature.

Our xylitol sweetened has special crunchiness and the roasted almond has a different crunchiness when you bite into a roasted almond while the other flavors have smooth to very smooth texture.

Black Sesame Tahini
Our Black Sesame Tahini has its own special and different grainy texture while it’s oily. This as well as our other Tahini will enhance recipes with a unique bitter flavor as an alternative to unsweetened chocolate as in a Mole. In other words, this bitter tahini (both black and white) will balance cooked and raw foods with a special bitter flavor, similar to the bitter food balancing that unsweetened chocolate imparts.

Nut Butters oily
Nut butters from oily to least oily are Brazil Nut Butter,  Organic Almond Butter, Wild Organic Almond Butter, Tahini,  Pecan Butter, Luscious, Pistachio Butter, Hazelnut Butter, Hempini, Pumpkin
Seed Butter, Sunflower Seed Butter, Black Sesame Tahini and Cashew Butter (which kind of tastes oily; it just doesn’t get as oily and/or the oil does not separate).

Edible Oil
When comparing our edible oil, the strongest to most mild seem to be: Hemp, Evening Primrose, Poppyseed, Sesame Seed, Almond and Sunflower. The thickest oil (In terms of viscosity) to the thinnest oil seem to be: Hemp, Sesame, Sunflower, Evening Primrose, Almond and then Poppy. The Almond and Sunflower oil’s are the most mild while the Evening Primrose, Hemp and Poppyseed have their own unique flavors and aftertaste, as the Sesame imparts a special sesame flavor.

If you like sweet, rich and strong without a strong after-taste, your favorite may be our Cashew Butter..

If you like bitter Amaretto flavor such as in apricot pits and bitter almonds, we expect you to enjoy our Wild Almond Butter. Although most people prefer the California more sweet almond butter. Of course the most delicious is to share both flavors (Wild and California Almond Butter) on the same spoon.

Our Sunflower Butter has a strong sunflower taste that seems a little more bitter than the flavor of the sunflower seeds this butter was made from. When mixing this sunflower butter with other foods; we think the Sunflower Butter is a food flavor enhancer.

Our Sweet Mulberry Treegan  Butter differs greatly from our Mixed Nut butter even though the only difference is mulberries instead of cashews.

The deliciousness of our Pecan Pie In-a-Jar initially was slightly elusive as the first bite seemed sort of bitter and then with 2nd bite, I noticed a craving to eat more as my taste-buds started to recognize and like the unique  date sweetness. This definitely seems most delicious at room temperature when the oil starts to ooze. This is only sweetened with a minimal amount of dates so first bites may not show the sweetness like more bites.

Our Hazelnut Butter may seem crumbly, although at room temperature this Hazelnut Butter has an oiliness that  mixes with its crumbliness, so we may enjoy a slightly oily, almost creamy and crumbly texture.

Baking with Rejuvenative Foods

When I bake I don’t use any leavening other than natural floras that occur when I put raw cultured vegetables and fruits into my freshly ground flour mixture. I let this unique dough sit for about 18 hours out of the refrigerator and then I refrigerate and keep using the same dough for a few days.  The other fun part is making   different parts of the dough slightly different. I actually don’t mix nut butters up thoroughly; instead I let there be some nut butters that kind of mix in with some portions of the dough containing more concentrated amounts that are less mixed, so that when you’re eating this bread or cake; some bites include a special burst of nut- butter flavor and texture that is very unique with the baked ground grain.

I actually use this same concept of thick and thin quantities of nut butters when I am reheating beans. In other words after the beans are cooked; I’ll put them in a pan and reheat them and then add, raw nut butters, then I’ll slightly mix up the raw nut butters so there are some nut butter chunks for different style taste bites.

Mar 5 2017,
Today I looked down at a half eaten jar of Brazil Nut Chocolate dream(it only has our Fresh-made from Cocoa nib chocolate, Brazil nut butter and honey) and I imagined it on a spoon with some Pistachio Nut Butter so I tried it and it tasted so good I had to keep eating more and more spoonfuls; then I followed up with the hazelnut butter by itself leaving my mouth feeling exquisite aftertastes. The chocolate temp was about 68°; it was a nice spoonable texture and at this temperature and warmer, I experience the magnificence from the special texture of the Brazil Nut Butter, which creates a Brazil nut texture like no other chocolate has; especially at a nice room temperature. Pistachio was at room temperature also very smooth and creamy; pretty oily but not super oily. I’m interested in your feedback about: how much does the bright green color of pistachio nut butter enhance the experience?  It’s hard for me to put my finger on the details although it seems like the rich chocolate brown with pistachio green are a cool part of what I loved about eating this mixture.

Heres an example of an interesting 3 flavor spoon dip:

Warmer room temp ultra-creamy, earthy (amazingly delicious) Pistachio Butter with our kinda oily yet gritty and creamy wonderfully lightly bitter Black Sesame Tahini and then accented by cold and oily Brazil Nut Butter. (refrigeration makes our Brazil Nut Butter slice kind of like butter)