Raw Organic Ketchup

Enjoy this Raw Organic Live Cultured Ketchup resulting from over 100 experiments with varying herbs and proportions until we created a recipe that would enable ketchup lovers to be happy and fulfilled with healthful Live Cultured Ketchup. This version of the classic condiment contains no processed sugar, corn syrup or other added sweeteners. Rejuvenative Foods Raw Organic Live Ketchup will add a tasty tang as well as a healthy dose of probiotics to any meal!

The vegetables we use are never cooked and culture for up to seven days in stainless steel containers to activate enzymes and beneficial bacteria, including lactobacilli. A unique blend of raw tomatoes, cabbage, onions, beets, lemon juice, health salt, and spices gives organic live ketchup an exceptional, fresh flavor. Rejuvenative Foods Organic Live Ketchup is sugar-free, low-salt, and low-calorie for a flavor enhancing healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and probiotics.