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Fresh-Live Wild Arnica Virgin-Organic-Almond-Oil-Infusion Rejuvenative Foods label Raw Pure Certified-Organic except Wild Arnica-Flowers All-Low-Temp-Processed In-Amber-Glass for-Skin Ayurvedic-Unrefined Vitamins-E-B6-riboflavin-niacin-thiamin-folates Minerals-copper-manganese-magnesium-phosphorus-iron-zinc-calcium  healing anti-inflammatory

Ultimate Almond Arnica Oil

Arnica, found in the beautiful Arnica Montana plant, is known throughout the world as a natural analgesic healer and anti-inflammatory agent whose organic components including arnicin may help relieve fatigue and pain.

To get the greatest benefits from arnica, the plant’s flowers must be fresh and not dried. It’s our goal to offer the highest quality of raw, organic Almond Arnica Oil, so we pick fresh flowers in the wild and put them directly into Rejuvenative Foods Almond Oil that we take with us into the mountains. Arnica oil is a topical treatment used to soothe, and the alluring aroma and beneficial properties of Almond Oil make it common in massage and homeopathy. As a carrier, the Almond Oil is an ideal complement for arnica.

Runners even utilize arnica to relieve sore feet, soft tissue injuries, and muscle sprains. When arnica is prepared in almond oil, it's health benefits multiply. Arnica oil is a topical treatment used to soothe inflamed skin, treat skin diseases, and augment old wound healing, As a carrier, the almond oil delivers local healing to bruised skin and helps relieve pain in the joints.

INGREDIENTS: Raw, cold-processed, fresh-pressed almonds* and wild-crafted arnica flowers. *Certified Organic


Organic Arnica Almond Oil benefits

  • Natural topical analgesic
  • Naturally anti-inflammatory
  • May help circulation
  • Supports growth of healthy strong hair

Our raw organic Almond Arnica Oil promise

  • Completely organic
  • Made with fresh arnica flowers
  • External use only
  • Raw, cold processed and unrefined
  • GMO free
  • Artisan
  • Ayurvedic
  • Freshness dated

This raw organic Almond Arnica Oil is available at your local natural food store or you can order it above. Satisfaction is guaranteed on 1 oz only! All Rejuvenative Foods are fresh and pure. Please enjoy within 6 months.

* Arnica Flowers are not certified organic because they are picked in the wild.


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