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Raw Organic Kim Chi

All 5 flavors of Rejuvenative Foods Raw Organic Kim-Chi is 100% organic, completely raw and naturally low in fat. Kim-chi has been lauded by many as being one of the world's healthiest foods for its probiotic qualities and cancer-fighting benefits. It is easy to make raw kim-chi a regular part of your diet by adding it to salads, pizza, eggs, fish, meat, potatoes, cooked vegetables, omelets, tortillas or sandwiches.

Kim-chi has been a staple of the Korean diet for centuries and for good reason. Raw kim-chi is a raw cultured vegetable, so it is one of the richest sources of lactobacilli and enzymes available. Lactobacilli are probiotic microflora the body needs to convert lactose and other sugars into lactic acid, it is an essential component of proper digestion. Most experts agree that a healthy digestive tract is the key to optimal health

Our Organic Garden Kim-Chis epitomize the ultimate multi-vegi kim-chi experience of many garden vegis. We offer two Organic Garden Kim-Chis with no added salt:

We also offer one Organic Garden Kim-Chis with Celtic Sea-Salt

In addition, we offer two more Organic Kim-Chis: