Raw Food Detox

Consuming a raw food diet is beneficial to your health for numerous reasons. Raw food is easier to digest than cooked or processed foods and it is almost entirely usable by the body. Cooking destroys enzymes and can deplete vitamins and other important nutrients while also creating harmful free radicals. 1,2,3

The human body is designed to rid itself of toxins but a hectic lifestyle and poor eating choices can severely limit your body's ability to perform routine maintenance and repair. Many experts agree that it is the gradual decline in the maintenance and repair processes that contributes to aging and illness. 4 A raw food detox will help rejuvenate these repair process.

All chemical activity within the body relies on the actions of enzymes, eating a diet of mostly cooked and/or processed foods requires your enzymes to work overtime to digest and assimilate the few available nutrients. Because raw foods contain all of the enzymes necessary for their digestion and the body can produce and use enzymes solely for maintenance and repair. 1

Including Rejuvenative's live, raw organic health food as a part of your raw food detox will improve your health even more because our live products contain probiotics, live microorganisms found in the human digestive tract. These microorganisms are essential for production and absorption of nutrients, development of a healthy immune system, and defense from pathogens. 2

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