Raw Food

Most people know the benefits of organic food, but the virtues of eating organic raw food are less known.

  • Raw food retains it's naturally occurring enzymes, the life-force of the food, which are lost through cooking. Raw foods contain all of the enzymes necessary for their digestion, ensuring optimum breakdown of the food, and allowing the body to produce and use enzymes solely for maintenance and repair. 1
  • Raw living organic health food is also essential to health because it contains probiotics, live microorganisms found in the human digestive tract. These microorganisms are essential for production and absorption of nutrients, development of a healthy immune system, and defense from pathogens. 2
  • Heat from cooking not only destroys enzymes within food, but can also deplete vitamins and alter the chemical composition of the food by creating free radicals and other known carcinogens. 3

Rejuvenative is built on providing top quality organic raw food for the ultimate in nutrition and healthy eating.

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