Why raw, organic oils are good for you

Rejuvenative raw oils are created with a sincere and loving goal to epitomize, without cutting corners, the highest quality, freshest and healthiest, completely low-temperature processed oil possible. This fresh, raw, organic low-temperature-processed oil is made in small batches with an industrial, low-volume, high-tech oil press.

We are proud to let temperature be our guideline in preparing these wonderful raw organic oils. Our oil temperature never exceeds 90º to 115°F, thereby maintaining minimal molecular change from the nut or seed.

Raw foods -- including raw oils -- are easier to digest than processed or cooked foods. Raw foods are almost entirely usable by the body.

We intend this raw organic oil to exemplify the most healthful options that are known regarding healthy fats and oils.

When we consume this raw oil in this fresh, natural form, we are not consuming saturated or hydrogenated fats or trans-fatty acids (TFAs).

This raw oil was never refined, processed or added to in any way. Furthermore, refrigeration and 6-month-freshness dating means life energy in this oil is retained.

We simply put fresh raw organic low temperature processed nuts and seeds into our oil press, then immediately put the resulting oil into jars and refrigerate. Shipped while fresh.