Salt-Free Foods

Rejuvenative Foods is dedicated to offering a diverse selection of the highest quality raw organic foods possible.  We understand that many of our customers may have low or no sodium dietary restrictions, and we have created a variety of delicious salt-free options just for you. Our salt-free selection of live raw organic cultured vegetables includes variations of our kim-chi and sauerkraut.

Our Salt-Free Garden Kim-Chi is seasoned with basil, sage and rosemary for a unique and delicious flavor.  The distinctive taste of our Salt-Free Cabbage and Dill Sauerkraut includes the extra boost of lemon and dill for the zingy flavor we love, as well as to enhance the nutritional benefits of our live raw organic cultured sauerkraut.  Our most popular live raw cultured vegetable product, Vegi-Delite Live Zing Salad, is a powerhouse of flavor and health support and is always salt-free.

Try one or all of our raw, organic, salt-free cultured foods today!