Free Rejuvenative Foods

Free Rejuvenative Foods Options for Facebook Friends, Bloggers and Videographers

Did you know that Rejuvenative Foods has a Facebook page? You can visit it at We use the page to update people about new foods and other Rejuvenative Foods news. If you have a Facebook account, please consider becoming a Rejuvenative Foods Facebook friend by pressing the “Like” button at the top of the Rejuvenative Foods Facebook page.

For a limited time*, people who write their real opinions about Rejuvenative Foods on their blog and/or their Facebook page, or who post a video of themselves or children with Rejuvenative Foods on their blog, Facebook or video upload site such as YouTube, can get free Rejuvenative Foods. The idea is that you buy your first jar, then write about it or post a video about it, and then e-mail us what you wrote (or your video link), together with what you would like to eat and write about or videotape next. Then when you write about or videotape it next, send us that with another note and we’ll send you another free jar.

*As we learn about how this rewarding writer/videographer system works, we hopefully will continue it for the long-term.

If a lot of people are reading what you write or viewing your video and you want more than one free jar, we are likely to be generous with your request.

Generally speaking, this plan is for people who have more than 100 people who are their Facebook friends or have that many people reading their blogs each week.

Contact Information:
Emily Labarre, Customer Service Manager