Liaison with Rejuvenative Foods!

We are seeking motivated people who already love Rejuvenative products and also understand the many health benefits to join our team. As a Rejuvenative Foods Liaison in your local area, you work on behalf of Rejuvenative Foods in exchange for free food for your efforts.

Rejuvenative Foods Liaisons have many different roles, including:

  • Natural Food Store Liaison - conducting food demonstrations, inspire stores to do their own demonstrations and inspire store personnel to hang signs and provide literature about our products.
  • Natural Foods Distributor Liaison - Building relationships with purchasing departments at our major carriers (need to live near these companies). Face-to-face communication with the purchasing departments at our major refrigerated distributors (you would need to live close enough to the distributors to make personal visits to them) Inspire store personnel to hang signage and literature
  • Consumer Liaison - Sample Rejuvenative Foods to groups of people; Post literature in public places (i.e. yoga classes, community buildings; Instigate publicity by inspiring Rejuvenative Foods to be visible in a movie or a TV show, inspiring famous people to eat Rejuvenative Foods or getting TV or radio time on behalf of Rejuvenative Foods
  • Internet Liaison - Coordinating marketing through the internet via email and telephone calls including online opportunities and affiliate web sites.
  • Recruiter of Rejuvenative Foods Liaison Health Crusaders - Recruit and or inspire other people to be Rejuvenative Foods Liaison Health Crusaders

If you're interested in becoming a Rejuvenative Foods Liaison, great! Click the link below for our Liaison Questionnaire. It's quick and it's easy and you can fill it out online or print it out and mail it.
Liaison Questionnaire

If you have any questions or ideas, we'd love to hear from you by email.