Job Opportunities with Rejuvenative Foods

Paid Management Apprentice
Marketing Writer
Worker Manual Writer
PhD writers or nutritionists to assist with book project

Our goal is to cultivate a fun work environment. This starts with how much fun it is to realize how much our work helps people (many people tell us that they feel much better from Rejuvenative Foods and/or that they appreciate that we make these Rejuvenative Foods). Additionally, we care to experience, cultivate and appreciate the phenomenon that to think about, create and work with efficient and productive, progressive, interesting, systems and methods for accomplishing work is a cool, life-enhancing experience made even nicer through the joy and fun of this productivity. We see the brain as a humanistic muscle that gets flexed from learning interesting and difficult work with Rejuvenative Foods. The idea we care to cultivate is that we all enjoy and appreciate the increased brain strength created from increased thinking and learning and creating. This is similar to how people tend to enjoy and appreciate the increased muscle strength from doing physical exercise.

PAID MANAGEMENT APPRENTICE, which will consist of the following three tasks (we will be defining and refining the details of the job as a team):
a. Daily Summation Recorder (DSR)
This includes approving subcontractor bills. The DSR work consists of looking at computer records that show what work people did, as well as phone bills, sales notes, other work done within Quickbooks and other work records. You will help create the methodology to refine that process. This is the work you would be doing the most.

b. Customer Service Specialist
This includes basic customer service and running the phones in our small Santa Cruz office. Customer service is a learning process that will transform as different people do different things with incoming phone calls.

c. Work Expediting Specialist
Work expediting is something that is done in conjunction with the DSR work. You will have a spreadsheet of certain jobs that certain people are doing, and you will follow up with people via e-mail and/or phone calls. When you are doing DSR work, you might come up with ideas about how to expedite work more efficiently.

Marketing Writer for e-mail correspondence and printed text (brochures, etc) 

Worker Manual Writer

PhD writers or nutritionists with advanced degrees with expertise in the following topics for help with book project: alcohol, food oils, sweeteners, water consumption

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