How does Fresh Pure Food build a better, more peaceful world?


Is your favorite natural food store stocking Fresh Pure Food in their refrigerators? Including Rejuvenative Foods' Fresh Raw Nut Butters and Raw Cultured Vegetables?

We at Rejuvenative Foods, like you, care about the future and the well-being of our loved ones. That has inspired us to want to team up with like minded people to keep fresh pure foods available in natural food store refrigerators and restaurants.

Do you agree that Fresh Pure Food deserves valuable refrigerator space from natural food distributors and in stores? They don't always get it, especially when cutting costs is the number one priority. Some Fresh Pure Foods need refrigeration to remain fresh. And that includes almost all of Rejuvenative Foods' products.

What do we lose when Rejuvenative Foods aren't distributed? We lose access to fresh pure food. We believe that purity and quality should be more important than slight cost increases.

The world is beginning to see that supporting Fresh Pure Food builds a better, more peaceful world. How does it do that?

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Peace starts with each of us individually. Fresh pure food is recently harvested and free of white processed sugar, chemically-created flavors and additives. So, Fresh Pure Food is more in harmony with our bodies. It makes us feel better and more positive. Health and a great attitude blesses the people around us, not to mention future generations.

Simply put, Fresh Pure Food creates a better world and health-conscious people want it, so it should be available everywhere, shouldn't it?

Although sales and demand for Rejuvenative Foods are increasing, some corporate distributors are minimizing the refrigerated availability of Rejuvenative Foods. We are hoping that your support of this post will show the world that Fresh Pure Foods (especially Rejuvenative Foods' Raw Nut butters and Raw Cultured Vegetables) should be distributed and refrigerated by natural food corporations everywhere.

With your support we can keep fresh pure food in corporate Natural food refrigerators.

Now what about restaurants? How can we make it more likely that our restaurant meals include Fresh Pure Foods? Engage your restaurant owner with specific questions and ideas about fresh pure foods.

We want to read your answers to the questions above.

Would you like to tell natural food store decision makers that you (and maybe your family and friends) want Rejuvenative Foods in this stores valuable refrigerator display?

If yes, we may reward you for helping certain people at these corporations understand. So please let us know where you are and maybe which Rejuvenative Foods you want in your local natural food refrigerator.

Together we can make a better and more peaceful world!