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Raw Wild Organic Almond Butter

We developed the unique flavor of our Wild Organic Almond Butter by using wild harvested, completely unheated almonds from Uzbekistan. Wild almonds taste different than the more commonly consumed California almonds. Some have described them as tasting like amaretto or almond extract. One taste and you will be hooked. Use our Wild Organic Almond Butter in place of other commercial almond butters for a unique taste sensation. 

Rejuvenative Foods Wild Organic Almond Butter is freshly ground two or three times at a low temperature so the nuts remain raw. The process we use for our raw Wild Organic Almond Butter maintains flavor, nutrients and minerals, producing a higher quality, more nutritionally-rich almond butter. The final product is immediately refrigerated and shipped as soon as possible to bring you a delicious nut butter that is guaranteed to taste and feel better than high-temperature, highly-processed roasted and ground nut butters.


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 Benefits of raw Wild Organic Almond Butter

  • Imported almonds are truly raw, California raw almonds must be heated to 150° F. Read more about the difference in our Explanation of Domestic and Imported Almonds
  • Rich source of calcium, magnesium and vitamin E 
  • Good source of copper, manganese and riboflavin
  • Great plant-based source of protein, a quarter cup contains more protein than one egg

Our raw Wild Organic Almond Butter Promise

  • Completely organic
  • Wild imported almonds
  • Raw, ground at a low temperature
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free

This delicious, raw Wild Organic Almond butter is available in the refrigerated section of your local natural foods store or you can order it above. 



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