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Dessert Butters

Sweet and rich, our scrumptious all-organic dessert butters will satisfy your cravings with a nutritious approach! Each unique flavor features raw nuts and/or seeds and is sweetened with either honey or dried fruits, or both. Creamy and spreadable, the Sweet Mulberry Treegan Butter is a unique and indulgent mixed nut butter with whole dried mulberries in it. Our sesame Halvah, and hemp/sesame Hempini Halvah, both feature honey that is raw as well as organic. Warm cinnamon and nutmeg seamlessly blend with other delightful ingredients to create complex yet harmonious flavors in the spoonable Ambrosia and Pecan Pie Butter. Pure and nutritious candy in a jar, they should all be on the “must try” list.

Nut and seed butters do not require insulated shipping.