Rejuvenative Foods are special & refrigerated

Rejuvenative Foods are special & refrigerated:

  • Salt-free raw-cultured-vegetables. 
  • Refrigerated, raw, low-temp-ground nut & seed butters.
  • Live-Cultured Ketchup & Salsas.
  • Some flavors are applesauce texture.
  • Stainless-steel & glass rather than plastic fermentation & packaging.
  • 100% organic content & category.
  • 35-year reputation for quality and top-of-the-line customer service. 
  • Freshly-made.
  • Purchasing and receiving team, taste-tests received ingredients, ensuring we use only fresh, flavorful ingredients
  • Machines are cleaned between flavors and batches to maintain purity of ingredients.
  • Tamper evidence taped lids and glass jars.
  • Flagship for diverse, ultimate quality, fresh pure foods in refrigerated distribution.
  • Gluten free, 100% vegan (except honey in Ambrosia, Halvah and some chocolates).