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Raw Organic Nut & Seed Butters

Our organic and raw nut butters and seed butters are excellent sources of protein while providing healthful unsaturated fats and a variety of vitamins and minerals. We grind our organic and raw nut butters and seed butters at a low temperature so the nuts remain raw, their natural flavor isn't compromised and the nutrients and minerals aren't destroyed from heat. Our raw nut butters and raw seed butters are packaged fresh and refrigerated instantly to ensure you purchase the freshest, most nutritionally sound product possible. 

Most commercial nut butters are processed at a high temperature effectively reducing the nutritional benefits of the nuts. All of our raw nut butters are made using 100% organic, raw ingredients that provide the highest level of nutrients possible. You can find your favorite organic nut butter and seed butter in the refrigerated section of your local health food store, or purchase directly through this site. 

Nut and seed butters do not require insulated shipping.