Creamy Hot Green Salsa

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Organic Creamy Hot Green Salsa

Our raw, organic Creamy Hot Green Salsa delivers great flavor, nutrition, and the benefits of live food with an extra kick for spicy food lovers. We achieve a smooth creamy texture through a secret process without compromising our commitment to bringing you the best organic, raw, cultured foods on the market. Using raw, organic cabbage, tomatillos, peppers, and onions as our primary ingredients, we culture the vegetables for up to seven days in stainless-steel containers to generate healthy bacteria and active enzymes to support optimal digestive health.

A combination of cilantro, garlic, lemon juice, and health salt brings out a delicious tangy flavor while adding to the nutritional content and health benefits of our salsa. Creamy Hot Green Salsa is spicy, so be prepared for the pleasure of an endorphin release when you add it to any dish or take a dip in it with your favorite chip.


For best results refrigerate upon reciept and open jar(s) only after these fresh, live, raw cultured vegetables are cold. Please expect warm transit temps to possibly create expansive cultured veggies that are still delicious and beneficial to eat. All raw cultured vegetable orders will automatically be shipped with insulation which will minimize, but may not eliminate natural expansion. See our Shipping Information to learn more about raw cultured vegetables in transit.

INGREDIENTS: Cabbage*, tomatillos*, peppers*, cilantro*, onion*, fresh-squeezed lemon juice*, health salt, garlic*. *Organic


Benefits of raw organic Creamy Green Hot Salsa:

The potential benefits of our raw organic Creamy Hot Green Salsa include:

  • Improved digestive function
  • Improved nutritional absorption
  • Antioxidants for a healthy heart and neutralizing free radicals
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Vitamin C for immune system support
  • Endorphin release

Our raw organic Creamy Hot Green Salsa Promise

  • Completely organic
  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Nut-free
  • GMO-free
  • Freshness-dated

This delicious, raw organic Creamy Hot Green Salsa is available in the refrigerated section of your local natural food store or you can order it above. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back! All Rejuvenative Foods are fresh and pure. Please enjoy within 6 months for best flavor.


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