Nut Butter Lunch Snack Pak 2

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Nut Butter Lunch Snack Pak 2

Our Nut Butter Lunch Snack Pak includes 6 jars of Delicious Nut Butters. The Nut Butter is packaged in 2 or 4 ounce jars making it perfect for lunch or a snack on the go. This Snack pack contains:

1- Organic Hempini Hemp Seed Butter
1- Organic Sunflower Butter
1- Organic Tahini
1- Organic Cashew Butter
1- Organic Sweet Mulberry Treegan Butter
1- Ambrosia


Hempini: Organic, raw, mechanically hulled hemp seeds.

Sunflower Butter: Organic, raw sunflower seeds.

Tahini: Organic, raw, mechanically hulled, sesame seeds.

Cashew Butter: Organic, raw cashews.

Sweet Mulberry Treegan Butter: Mulberries*, pistachios*, pecans*, hazelnuts*, almonds*, Brazil nuts*. *Organic

Ambrosia Ingredients: Honey*, Brazil nuts*, pistachios*, pecans*, sunflower seeds*, coconut*, raisins*, almonds*, hazelnuts*, sesame seeds*, poppy seeds*, cinnamon*, nutmeg*. *Organic

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